Corner Brook Downtown Days

On July 12th a few of our members took part in the Corner Brook Downtown days. We enjoyed conversations with young and old and gave out lots of goodies to the young. We even found a one of our newest members! Thanks to the City of Corner Brook for inviting us!

Police Week 2014

We were invited to participate in the Police Week 2014 activities this past week, along with the RCMP, local Volunteer Fire Departments, and Ambulance services. A few of our members visited Templeton Academy in Gilliams and St. Peter’s Academy in Benoit’s Cove the following day. We brought along some equipment and tools that we have and regularly use during searches, which seemed to be a hit with the children at both schools. One of our K-9 members were also able to visit Templeton, and he was the star of the show! Educating our youth is just one of the many things we do here at Team BOISAR!

Wood’s Island

In early April, we were called out to assist the local RCMP detachment to get in contact with someone on Wood’s Island. A small group on the team was deployed to McIver’s and from there crossed the ice on snowmobiles. Contact was made with the person and all was well. Our snowmobiles, rescue boggan, helmets, radios, and floater suits were all used to ensure our members safety.

Cold Water Ice Rescue

In March, some of our members were Certified in cold water ice rescue. The 8 members donned the cold water suits which are all enclosed from the head to the feet, and make simple movements difficult. Each member had to learn how to secure safety lines to themselves, and to man other members safety lines while on ice and in water. Members then took turns getting into the water from the ice edge, removing extra air from their suits (air in the suits may cause you to bottom-up in the water), maneuvering in the below zero waters, and then performing a self rescue. They were taught how to rescue each other using different methods and took turns being the ‘victim’ and ‘rescuer’. It turned out to be a great day and the training received is another tool that our team is able to utilize when needed.