BOISAR prepares for COVID-19

As an organization that people turn to in times of need, Bay of Islands Volunteer Search and Rescue – BOISAR has an important responsibility to those who are lost or injured and their families to maintain the health of our team to ensure we can respond safely and effectively when called upon.

To help us achieve this important goal, BOISAR has taken the significant step of splitting our team into two separate groups that will not overlap. This will help safeguard our ability to respond to incidents even if one of our members becomes exposed to or contracts the virus. Our team is fortunate to boast a large roster, allowing us this flexibility while still maintaining full search & rescue capability.

BOISAR has also developed and adopted a set of guidelines to reduce the risk of exposure and spread of the virus including the cancellation of all face-to-face meetings and trainings and following the physical distancing and other requirements as directed by medical professionals .

BOISAR has acquired PPE pertaining to the current COVID-19 pandemic that will help to ensure the safety of our members, search subjects & family, as well as our police partners and other frontline personnel who may be responding to a call.

Finally, BOISAR has also committed important equipment to help fight the pandemic as our Command Centre is currently being used by Western Health as the Mobile Screening Centre in Corner Brook. Years of fundraising and support from the community have allowed us to acquire this very well suited piece of equipment and we’re proud to see it being used by the community in a time of need. We are fortunate to have a second multi-purpose Ice Rescue Trailer that will double as our Command Centre for the time being.

During this challenging time, BOISAR members remain committed to supporting our police partners in the search for and rescue of those lost or injured in remote areas throughout the Bay of Islands and beyond and we remind everyone to be safe while enjoying our great outdoors.

BOISAR assists in the rescue of injured snowmobilers

At 10:00 p.m. Saturday night, Bay of Islands Search and Rescue (BOISAR) was deployed by the RCMP to assist Reliable Ambulance paramedics and members of the Hughes Brook-Irishtown-Summerside Fire Department in the care and transport of two individuals injured in a snowmobile accident approximately 12 km north of Hughes Brook. Sixteen BOISAR members responded to the call with eight members attending the accident scene. BOISAR worked closely with the other agencies on scene to help provide first aid and safe transport for one of the injured snowmobilers. BOISAR stood down at approximately 2:00 a.m. Sunday morning. BOISAR greatly appreciates the professionalism and teamwork exhibited by all the agencies that responded to this incident and we wish the injured individuals a speedy recovery. Many thanks to members of the public who provided assistance with this incident.

Volunteer with Search & Rescue

Interested in becoming a member of Bay of Islands Search & Rescue? Our next regular meeting is Tuesday, May 2, 2017 – 7pm at the search and rescue building at 77 Premier Drive in Corner Brook. We meet every two weeks.

Anyone interesting in seeing what search and rescue is all about, or joining may stop by the meeting!